Saturday 30 March 2013

Despite the freezing weather, the  'Friends', in conjunction with W.F.D.C., up the work rate in the park with preparations for Spring.......when it finally arrives.
         The very woody Snowberry is to be cut back and the two Holly trees along the 'Scout bank' are to be moved between the lamppost and the bridge.
The work that Friends do is even noticed by the younger generation. A young lad was reported to have said that "..the 'Friends of Broadwaters' must have beeen very busy planting all those bulbs". 
         He was of course referring to the continuing bulb planting project along the bank adjacent to the car park.
         Another section will be planted when the new sloping path has been constructed.
         Work is also in progress in preparation for the Friends annual plant sale, which will take place on 18th May.

Wednesday 17 October 2012

Wonderful Autumn

The park is looking magnificent in its Autumn clothes. Such colour! In addition we have the benefit of fresh Shelf fungi adorning our squirrel, and a lady mallard clearing up a dead fish.
A marvelous time of year

Sunday 3 June 2012


Sunday dawned with the widely forecast rain, which took the edge off the planned celebrations for the day.
However, not to be dismayed , the team set to under the premise 'If you build it, they will come'. And even though the rain continued for most of the day, they did come. Not as many as would normally be expected on a sunny day, but more than enough to make the effort worthwhile.

A selection of pictures from the day. Click the picture for a larger view

The Mayor John Aston and his consort with Stella Bagnal

Entertainer Mike Lewis
Mike doing his impression of  'Jake the Peg'

Smiles all round even on a rainy day

Slow and steady works in an egg and spoon race
Sometimes speed does the job

The moms had a go to too

Singing in the rain with Mike Lewis

Some tumbles inevitably occur in the sack race

Lots of good fun to be had if you make the effort
Such enthusiasm !
Getting a sense of the rhythm with the Glamba Band

You can get lost in the music

The Glamba Band giving it large

The 'Manic Man' kindly supplied by Hire It

Getting the hang of it now

Three legs aren't always better than two!

Some more happy smiles on a dull day

Can't wait to open the bag of chocolate coins.

Sunday 25 March 2012


The first flush of the October planted crocuses was very well received. Not spectacular, but they came with a promise of a fine display in future years. We are looking forward now to the next exercise in covering the sloping bank of the car right down to St Oswald's church, with these lovely plants.

Click the picture a larger view

Friday 28 October 2011

Barr's Purple Crocuses

The continuation of the Crocus planting in partnership with the Kidderminster-Husum Twinning Assoc. took place on Wednesday 26th October. We were aided in our efforts by members from other organisations such as Kidderminster Horticultural Society and Friends of Springfield Park.
Local businesses have been very generous in their support and our thanks go out to them.
In all the fifteen folk who gathered in the park to carry out the planting did so with enthusiasm despite their collective aches and pains. A pleasant sunny day raised our spirits and a great deal of chat too place while divots were raised and handfulls of bulbs were carefully placed into the dry soil.

Please click the pictures for a larger view.

The extent of the bulb planing for future reference

Thursday 20 October 2011

Ministerial visit

As part of a somewhat whistlestop tour of projects in the Midlands, the minister for 'Civil Society' stopped off in Broadwaters to meet with delegates from a number of local 'Friends' groups.
A buffet lunch was put on in the Broadwaters Inn, where the minister, Nick Hurd, had opportunity to chat with representatives of the various groups.
The rather brief interlude was concluded with a photo opportunity in the park and the planting of some crocuses which forms part of the ongoing Husum Crocus project in Broadwaters Park.

Nick Hurd with members of Friends of Broadwaters and staff from WFDC Parks dept.

Nick Hurd was quite enthusiastic regarding the planting, the suggestion of which had caused a little discomfort to those organising the visit. Non the less, the minister took a hand in the planting of some 50 bulbs.

He was soon whisked away to pay a visit and give a short speech at the award winning Areley  Kings Village Hall. A short question and answer session climaxed the visit and the minister was then spirited away to pastures new.

Wednesday 19 October 2011

The latest edition the Bugle

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Thanks to Mike Abraham for producing this newsletter.